BERGENIA x ’Red Beauty’ (Pigsqueak)



Unusual foliage specimens are always welcome in the perennial garden. The huge, oblate leaves of bergenia provide a strong contrast for most any other plant, especially Ferns, dicentra, or galium. The usually evergreen leaves are thick and leathery, turning to russet in winter. Carmine flowers are held in irregular clusters atop thick stalks. These lime-loving, Siberian natives need only minimal care. They tolerate up to a half-day of shade. The paddle-shaped leaves are valuable for cutting and they are very long lasting. carmine-red ESP-LSP 14”H x 12”W Carmine red flower clusters are held on stiff stems from March to May over 6″ foliage. Ideal for the front of the garden. The leaves can be cut and used in arrangements.

  zones 3-9

1 GAL 79132

photo courtesy of Growing Colors

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