BRUNNERA ’Silver Heart’ (False Forget-Me-Not)


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An easily grown plant from the Caucasus Mountains. It has plenty of small, pure blue flowers, beginning in mid-spring and continuing well into June, all the while displaying its large, heart-shaped leaves. Reseeds in some gardens. Brunnera prefer a rich soil and an evenly moist, almost damp location. Slug resistant.  blue MSP-MSU 6-12”H x 12-24”W

The almost solid silver foliage has narrow green veins. Plants are vigorous and exhibit a heat tolerance during the summer. Panicles of sky-blue flowers are perfect for adding an airy feeling to a shady garden or an open woodland. Excellent with hosta, trillium and doronicum or interplant with spring bulbs such as daffodils.    

zones 4-8

2 QT 79134

photo courtesy of Growing Colors

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