Cimicifuga ramosa ‘Hillside Black Beauty’ (Snakeroot)


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PLANT: The darkest Cimicifuga to date, ‘Hillside Black Beauty’ is truly a collector’s item. It forms an upright clump of striking, dark purplish-black foliage contrasted by long, white bottlebrush blooms late in the season. Though the young foliage tends to be green, it quickly deepens to an almost iridescent purple-black.  

 CULTIVATION: Rich, evenly moist soil. Partial shade is best. More sun requires more moisture.

UTILIZATION: Specimen, mid to back of the garden.

Origin:      United States

Blooms:    late summer – mid fall

H: 4-7’    W:  3-4’

Zone:  4-8

1 GAL 79134

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