CLEMATIS paniculata



ivory white LSU-EF 30’H (Prune code 1) Sweet Autumn Clematis. Probably the heaviest-flowering variety we’ve seen. Even a young plant will exhibit thousands of flowers in late summer or autumn, at a time of year when new flowers are most welcome. The flowers are moderately fragrant. The plant grows vigorously and will cover a small tree or fence in a very short time. Sometimes known as C. maximowicziana or C. terniflora. From Asia.


All plants listed are hardy to USDA zone 5 (at least) unless specified otherwise.

  1. No regular pruning needed. When space is limited, immediately after flowering cut out all shoots that have flowered.
  2. Cut out dead growth and weak shoots to a strong pair of buds in early spring (Late April.) Separate and train remaining growths.
  3. Cut all shoots back hard in early spring to a strong pair of buds, removing the previous season’s growth. This will normally be 9” to 18” from the ground, less for herbaceous varieties.

zones 4-8

1 GAL 79219

photo courtesy of Donahue’s

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