Geranium, Americana White Splash


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Geraniums are one of the most popular garden plants. They are unbeatable for their heat and drought tolerance, and amazing flower power. We have a wide selection of flower colors and plant types. Geraniums prefer at least 6 hours of sun and light, well-drained soil. Avoid getting the leaves and flowers wet—water at the base of the plant. For the most prolific blooming, feed regularly with an all-purpose plant food and remove spent blooms—they snap off easily at the base of the flower stem. Geraniums are a completely reliable plant for adding bright color to garden beds, baskets, and containers. The genus pelargonium is almost entirely native to South Africa.

Upright geraniums with a stocky, well-branched habit. Excellent heat tolerance. True green leaves. 15-18″H

Size: 5″
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