*MYKE Tree and Shrub Growth Supplement – 5 Year Warranty on Nursery Stock Purchases – 1.4Qt



5-Year Warranty on Nursery Stock with purchase of MYKE!

When you purchase and use MYKE – the natural plant growth supplement for trees, shrubs and evergreens.


(4 additional years, for a total of 5 years from date of purchase)

Through an arrangement with the MYKE company we are able to offer a greatly extended guarantee. MYKE is a naturally occurring fungi product that enhances the roots of a plant, increasing the roots ability to take in nutrients and water. (MYKE is not a fertilizer. You would still need to apply fertilizer.) MYKE should be applied at the time of planting, according to directions on the MYKE product container. To be eligible for the extended guarantee, your sales receipt must show the purchase of the MYKE product and the purchase of the nursery products. The amount of MYKE product on the receipt should be commensurate with number and size of nursery plants to be treated.

MYKE works with most plants, but not all. For this reason, these plants would not be eligible for the extended guarantee: rhododendrons, azalea, and blueberry. (These plants would not be harmed by MYKE, but they would not benefit.)

Size: 1.4 Qt
Store SKU: MYK6014201

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